About UCD

University College Dublin

UCD is one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities; an environment where undergraduate education, masters and PhD training, research, innovation and community engagement form a dynamic spectrum of activity.

UCD is also Ireland’s most globally engaged university with over 33,000 students drawn from over 138 countries, and includes almost 5,000 students based at locations outside of Ireland.

The University’s main Dublin campus located at Belfield occupies an extensive parkland estate of more than 130 hectares and offers world-leading facilities.  UCD Lyons Farm is located adjacent to the village of Newcastle in Co Kildare and consisting of approximately 240 hectares it is used for teaching and research field activities by the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science and UCD School of Veterinary Medicine.

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UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science

The UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science is the only academic institution in Ireland that delivers education and research on the complete food chain from initial on farm production through processing to final consumption by the consumer. The School supports the agri-food industry in Ireland by educating students to become industry leaders and by conducting world class research.

The School is the first destination of choice for students in Ireland interested in developing their careers in the agri-food, forestry and horticulture sector.  Agricultural sciences at University College Dublin are among the best in the world, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings.  Now placed 19th globally, UCD is the only Irish university to make the global top 50 in the rankings for Agricultural sciences.  It is also ranked 5th in Europe.

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UCD School of Archaeology

UCD School of Archaeology is Ireland’s leading centre for archaeological education and research. The 2019 World University Subject Rankings place us within the top 100 Schools of Archaeology worldwide and first nationally. We explore not only the archaeology and environments of Ireland and Britain, but also of continental Europe, the Mediterranean, North America, and East and Southeast Asia.

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Study Horticulture at UCD

UCD offer a degree in Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management, a programme with a long and proud tradition since its establishment.  This four year honours degree programme consists of sciences, environmental studies, business, management and communications, as well as growing food and non-food plants.  The objectives of the programme is to equip students with a  knowledge of the growth, development and protection of plants, and use of plants for food, leisure, sports, social and environmental benefits; have an understanding of horticultural plant production systems and how their components are integrated and managed in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and have the necessary skills to become a competent, competitive and confident leader who will excel in the national or global horticulture community as a professional horticulturalist or horticultural scientist.

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Study Landscape Architecture at UCD

Landscape architecture involves the planning, design and management of external space. It is a challenging discipline that draws on a wide range of skills. Landscape architects design regions, cities, neighbourhoods…. even gardens. They work with architects to site buildings and they work with engineers, horticulturalists, ecologists and planners to design landscapes which function on many levels, aesthetically, ecologically and socially.

UCD is at the forefront of Landscape Architecture education in Ireland. It is currently the only university in Ireland to offer an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. This course is accredited by the Irish Landscape Institute and recognised by the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture.

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