Dr.Caroline Elliot-Kingston

Dr.Caroline Elliot-Kingston


Lecturer/Assistant Professor School of Agriculture & Food Science


Dr Caroline Elliott Kingston is Assistant Professor in Horticulture and Crop Physiology at UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science. Caroline’s interest in plants spans horticulture, food production, conservation and education. Her most recent research includes undertaking the first scientific vegetation survey of Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Co. Kerry. This 2019 garden is Caroline’s second at Bloom; in 2016 she co-designed and project-managed the UCD Evolution of Land Plants Garden, which won two awards. Using gardens as educational aids to share interesting plant-based stories with the public is her aim.


Asst Prof/Lecturer in Horticulture and Crop Physiology
University College Dublin, School of Agriculture and Food Science, Ireland
3 Jan 2016

Prof Dip University Teaching & Learning
University College Dublin

Postharvest Technology Certificate
University of California, Davis, UC Postharvest Technology Centre,
1 Shields Avenue, Davis, California, CA 95616, United States
30 Jun 2017

Chartered Horticulturist
Chartered Institute of Horticulture,
London, United Kingdom
24 Aug 2016

Research Supervisor Support and Development Programme
University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
27 May 2016

Project Management Certificate
Professional Development Limited, Ireland
22 Apr 2015

Applied Methods in Crop Physiology Certificate
Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
9 May 2014

Diploma in Horticulture
National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland
29 Jun 2001